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Thank you for your long-term support to our company
Non-standard Mould Parts, Customized specialist
The tolerance can reach +/- 0.002 μm.
High Precision, The Best Choice.
  • Own engineering department with more than 10 people, professional design and production technologies and over 10 years customized experience.
  • We have overcome many technology difficulties, we can design and develop high-tech products by ourselves.
  • Double shift operation, fast and efficient.
  • High property imported raw material
  • All products material imported from the brand of Japan, Germany, Sweden, stable properties, the working time can reach more than 5 years.
  • Professional heat treatment equipments, can provide you heat treatment test report.
  • We are NO.1 in the same industry, with strict quality system and high-end testing equipments, high-precision, tolerance can reach +/- 0.002μm.
  • The first acceptance qualified rate of spare parts reaches 99%;
  • The first acceptance qualified rate of finished goods reaches 97%
  • The qualified rate of ex-factory products reaches 100%
  • The processing rate of customer feedback information reaches 100%
  • Developed quality system, reliable traceability
  • Strong quality sense, integrity training system
  • Advanced test equipment, ensure products quality.
  • Perfect logistic distribution center, our products have been sold worldwide.
  • Regular production cycle, 10-15 working days, delivery in time.
  • Special treatments for urgent order, can be delivered 7 day, ensure our customer, your max benefits.
  • One-to-one full tracking service.
  • 24 hours consulting service.
  • Regular customer satisfaction tracking survey.
  • About
    Jinpan Mould Parts is one of the most professional manufacturers specialized in processing highly precise mould parts. With strong and comprehensive capacity, advanced technology and scientific production management and techniques, we can provide all customers with good quality products and refined service to meet customers' demands.
    Our main products include non-standard thread core, cosmetic inserts, medical machine inserts,pen mould core, rack and pinion, injection mold components, mold core, mold base, mould cavity,beryllium copper mold parts, molding thread , bronze with graphite wear plate or copper with graphite bushes.
    We also provide services of high precision internal and external circular grinding, centerless grinding and leather processing and others.
    We focus on competitive price, excellent quality and idea delivery.
    Looking forward to an opportunity to cooperate with you.
    Copyright © Dongguan JinPan Mould Fittings Co., Ltd. 2010-
    Tel: +86-15017177636  Fax: 0086-769-85317879  E-mail:jinpanmould@163.com
    Address:30#, Chuangxing Rd,Shangsha Community, Chang'an Town, Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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